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tv   Fox News Democracy 2020 Election Coverage  FOX News  November 7, 2020 11:00am-1:00pm PST

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martha: we have a lot more to cover, we thank you at home for going along with us. we'll be back at 8:00 tonight. keep it here for our continuing coverage. bret: up next, a special edition of "america's newsroom." again, vice president-elect kamala harris -- trace: and there you see reaction in the streets as the race for the white house comes to a close. fox news projecting that joe biden will be the 46th president of the united states thanks to projected wins in pennsylvania and nevada. welcome to our democracy 2020 special coverage, i'm trace gallagher in los angeles. sandra, good day to you. sandra: good afternoon to you, trace. i'm sandra smith in new york. everything changed in the 11 a.m. hour on the east coast this afternoon, making joe biden the president-elect of the united states. president trump, however, said he he will continue to fight, saying in a statement that his campaign will begin prosecuting his case on monday. john roberts is live at the white house with the very latest
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from there. john, good afternoon. >> reporter: sandra, trace, good afternoon to you. talking with folks on the trump campaign and on his legal team in the last couple of hours, and the case that they're making is, you know, first of all, they're saying we shouldn't be calling this because the legal challenges are still out there. and they believe there are a lot of votes that could potentially be in question, and they plan to mount legal challenges beginning on monday. clearly, though, this was something that the trump campaign knew was likely going to happen because they had a statement that was ready and was sent out moments after the call was made earlier today in the 11:00 hour. through the campaign the president saying beginning monday our campaign will start prosecuting our case in court to insure election laws are fully upheld and the rightful winner is seated. the american people are entitled to an honest election, that means counting all legal ballots and not counting illegal ballots. this is the only way to insure that the public has full confidence in our election. i was speaking with rudy
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giuliani in the past hour, he held a press conference in philadelphia not too long ago. he said they are going to file a number of cases beginning on monday to try to get access to votes and to argue about the vote count. they believe that there wasn't enough transparency in the vote count, that there may be some ballots that went through that shouldn't have gone through. i asked giuliani, well, how many ballots are we talking about here, and he thinks that there's about 135,000 votes in philadelphia that went through without the proper observation and more than 300,000 in the pittsburgh. and another development too, and the president tweeted about this, ballots that came in in pennsylvania after 8 p.m. on election night. that was the subject of a case that was before the supreme court. justice samuel alito ordered election officials in pennsylvania to she sequester those -- she sequester those ballots for future consideration. we don't know will those ballots
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be subject to observation and checking, could they be thrown out in a tranche. but here's what the trump campaign is arguing right now, they believe that not every legal ballot has been counted. they do not believe that every illegal ballot has been excluded. now, where they run into a little bit of trouble here is with evidence. there is not evidence of widespread election fraud at this point, but the trump campaign and their legal team -- and, again, i spoke with them in the last few minutes -- are making the case that they haven't had a chance to see the evidence, and until they do, they won't know exactly what's out there. so that's what's going to happen from the trump campaign sign over the days and potentially weeks ahead. sandra, trace? sandra: all right. we hear the horns behind you. this is a scene that's happening across the country. a live look at madison, wisconsin, there. john roberts, thank you. trace? trace: meantime, president-elect biden and vice president-elect harris will be speaking to the nation tonight.
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peter dos i city is live -- peter doocy is live in wilmington, delaware, with the latest. >> reporter: trace, in this most unusual campaign season that has now officially come to an end, we we understand based on social media traffic of that more than a hundred biden staff orers are celebrating by dancing together on a zoom. we have also now seen a photo on dr. jill biden's twitter page where it shows the president-elect and the first lady-elect standing there holding up a sign that says president biden lives here, and he's wearing a hat that says we just did, 46. we also heard a little bit more from him today. he put out a statement, it says i'm honored and humbled by the trust the american people have put in me and vice president harris. a record number of americans voted proving once again that democracy beats deep in the heart of america. it's time to put the anger and
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harsh rhetoric behind us and come together as a nation. it's time for america to unite and to heal. we are the united states of america, and there's nothing we can't do if we do it together. the campaign, obviously, did not have a heads up really that the calls were going to start coming in for them when they did because the campaign manager was on a jog, on an unseasonably warm day here in the wilmington area when her mom called her and told her they had won. there's another phone call that is kamala harris and joe biden right when it happened. >> we did it, joe. you're gone a that be the next president of the united states. [laughter] >> reporter: there are about 100, 150 biden supporters who have showed up there as close as they can get to this location that's been locked down by the secret service. they've got blue balloons,
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they've got biden and harris signs. cars are honking and being waved along by the secret service and the wilmington police while they try to keep this area locked down ahead of remarks tonight. around 8 p.m. the biden campaign going to invite 400 cars filled with supporters in for a drive-in style event. the stage is surrounded by some preset vehicles, a couple of jeeps and jeep pickups and american made big trucks that have seats either on the top or in the flat job beds of the truck. that's where the bidens' special guests are going to be when kamala harris speaks. and as for the first time as the vice president-elect, and then joe biden for the first time as president-elect. we think that's going to go off around 8 p.m. trace? trace: peter doocy, we will be watching. live for us in wilmington, delaware, peter, thank you. let's bring in "fox news sunday"
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anchor chris wallace. chris, it is great to see you. you know, you watch and while you're on one side of the screen, we've got the celebration in the street, biden supporters on the other side of the screen, and then you have at the white house, far from conceding, the trump campaign saying it's going to prosecute this case in court beginning on monday. clearly, it's a heavy lift, chris. i mean, you had law professor jonathan turley equating it to hunting elephants with a derringer saying the trump campaign needs a bit higher caliber to go after this. what do you think? chris: well, let's first talk about the big story which is that joe biden has been elected the 46th president of the united states. back in 1980 i was covering the reagan campaign, and i was there the night that ronald reagan went from being the former governor of california to being the president-elect, and you can just feel it in the air. there's more secret service, they take their job -- not saying they didn't take it seriously are, but there's an
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increased intensity. and you have people who have been very close who, in that case, called him ron or called him governor suddenly calling him mr. president-elect or mr. president. and you just have a sense that there's a gravitational pull, and suddenly this man is about to be the leader of the free world who was up to that moment just a candidate. so i promise you, there is a different feeling in wilmington, delaware, right now than there was a couple of hours ago before this call was made even though everybody expected this is how it was going to end up over the last couple of days. as far as president trump is concerned, you know, as we've been saying ever since the call was made, he has every right to pursue his legal remedies, and, you know, to go to the courts at the state level, federal district level, appeals courts, maybe even eventually to the supreme court. but as jonathan turley was suggesting, you've got to have
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really strong evidence, and you have to have evidence, one, of serious fraud. and then, two, that it has to be of a dimensioning that it would overturn results. remember back in florida we were talking about a differential between bush and gore of 500 votes. here we're talking in pennsylvania about tens of thousands of votes, same in nevada, same in arizona. we don't see any of that so far. not saying it's not going to happen, but we sure haven't seen it so far. trace: i just want to read you this, former president barack obama reads in part: i encourage every american, give him a chance and lend him your support. the election results at every level show that the country remains deeply and bitterly divided. it'll be up to not just joe and kamala, but each of us to do our part, listen to others, lower the temperature, find some common ground. all of us remembering that we are one nation, under god. your final thoughts on that. we're duded, very much so --
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divided, very much so, chris, and it doesn't seem like the elixir is easily at hand. chris: no, just look at the returns. donald trump, as the losing candidate, will have gotten more votes, and you know the trump supporters feel just as passionately as the people out in the streets supporting -- celebrating joe biden's victory. he will have gotten more votes than anybody in the history of this country except for joe biden in this election. so 70 million americans supported donald trump, and they're going to take his loss very bitterly. they feel just as passionately for him as these people do for biden. how do you bridge that divide? i think former president obama is right, it takes joe biden reaching out. one hopes that donald trump will help in that reconciliation as well, and people in the halls of power in congress and in the streets of america. you know, it's a cliche, but there's so much more that unites
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us than divides us, and you just hope everybody on both sides will remember that. trace: chris wallace, thank you, good insight. "fox news sunday" tomorrow, chris will talk to mitt romney. check your local listings for time and channel. sandra: thank you, trace. joining us now is the trump campaign's legal strategist, trump 2020 advisory board member and member of president trump's legal team, harmeet dhillon. good afternoon to you. thanks for being here. first of all, have you spoke toen with the president today? >> no, i is have not spoken with the president, but i have spoken to some of my colleagues in the battleground states about what's happening there. yes, indeed, there will be litigation. it is not just about fraud, and so, you know, to correct what chris wallace just said, one does not have to prove massive fraud to get into the courts. in the bush/gore dispute in 2000, it was over whether ballots should be counted or not, not whether voters committed fraud. that's the issue in pennsylvania, and pennsylvania, there is a violation of our
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constitutional definition of who decides whether it's certain ballots that are received after the fact are counted or not. and that is, indeed, ten of thousands. and so whether those ballots are counted or not remains a crucial issue in that state. and in some other states, we have seen, for example, overnight in one county 6,000 votes swaying in the opposite direction because of a so-called computer glitch. so when that type of irregularity occurs, i think it is fair to take a pause and make sure we do are recount in the states where that's statutorily required or permissible as happened in 2016 with the hillary clinton and president trump election and let that process play out before we declare victors. in our country the press doesn't declare the visible to haves, the people declare the victors, and that process hasn't concluded yet. so i'd like to see it play out before we conclude it. sandra: how many lawsuits has the trump campaign filed since election day, would you say? what is the outstanding number?
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>> you know, they're flying fast and furious, but it isn't that many. it's in the handful of states that are remaining, so there have been multiple litigations, couple of which we won in pennsylvania already over the counting in philadelphia. there was a lawsuit filed in nevada, there may be other lawsuits filed in pennsylvania concerning equal protection or other types of issues. there may be litigation in georgia. there already has been litigation in georgia. and in georgia there are some issues concerning so-called curing of the ballots curing by one party but not the other. that is an issue in some states as well. at the end of the day, these will all play out, the courts will have a say one with way or the other, and then i think people need to accept the outcome. as you just pointed out, a huge number of americans voted for donald trump and mike pence, and i want people on both sides to
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accept this outcome. that's not going to happen if it looks like there's a cover-up or a rush to judgment. sandra: right now obviously the case, the point is there's no evidence of that voter fraud or at least widespread evidence of voter fraud. there's a new campaign statement that says what this means is counting all legal ballots and not counting any illegal ballots. so you're making the case that you haven't even been provided the opportunity to find evidence of voter fraud. so how do you plan to do that to prove this in court? >> that's actually not what i said. there actually is evidence of fraud. there are individual affidavits that are being filed -- sandra: where? where have you found that? >> i don't, i don't telegraph my legal strategy in advance. when they are filed in court, you can read them. as you have already said on your show, lawsuits will be filed on monday. so where you have affidavits from voters saying that somebody voted in their name already or that they were excluded or that
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their ballot was discarded wrongfully, that's the type of evidence. it's not for the media to judge that, it's for a court to judge, and we'll get a judgment from court one way or the other, and then there'll be more finality. sandra: all right, we appreciate your time this afternoon, thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. trace: and now for response from the other side, democratic strategist kevin wallly, he he has close ties to the biden campaign. you just heard the other side, the president's campaign, clearly they want to prosecute this case in court despite the fact that joe biden is now the president-elect. i know you've talked to members of the biden campaign, you've got insight there. do they plan to continue, kevin, the ground game on the ground with states making sure the votes are counted, making sure this process goes forward despite the fact that this election has been called in his favor? >> absolutely, trace. we want every vote to be counted, to harmeet's point, because we want to make it aabundantly clear that joe biden
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is duly elected in all these battleground states as well as kamala harris the vice president-elect. so we will adjudicate this starting tomorrow, responding to whatever lawsuits the trump campaign files. tberntion as the networks have called it, as more departments have have called it, we are seeing the same kind of votes coming out of these key counties. trace: you also say you have friends in the trump campaign, and they're scrambling because they don't have one unifying figure to take this fight forward, pointing to someone like james baker who did that the for president bush back in 2000. baker, by the way, says this, james baker, quoting here: there are huge differences between then and now. for one thing, our whole argument was that the voters had been counted, and they've been counted and counted, and it's time to end the process. that's not exactly the message that i heard on election night, and so i think it's pretty hard to be against counting the votes there. what are you thoughts on that, kevin? >> yeah, i think you're absolutely right. and to former secretary baker's
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point, you know, george bush was leading in florida. that's not the condition here that we're seeing in 2020 where the vice president, now president-elect joe biden, is leading in all these key battleground states. that is operating not from a deficit, but from a point of power in terms of going to these courts. and, again, you asked harmeet for multiple instances of fraud, and she couldn't produce any examples just yet. you have bob casey, republican senator of pennsylvania, no fan of joe biden who is saying there's no evidence of fraud. you have republican officials in georgia saying there's no evidence of fraud. so, again, this is a desperate, last minute attempt by donald trump and his campaign to reverse the will of the american people, and i don't think it will be successful. trace: the trump campaign just said, look, here's the deal, we believe there is fraud, we believe there's widespread fraud, and we plan to bring that to court. and when we file these in court, you can read it there. that's on their side. we talk about unifying figures like former secretary james baker. there's word now, our white
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house correspondent john roberts saying, you know, maybe they're looking, the trump campaign, at somebody like michael mukasey, the former e attorney general under bush. what are your thoughts about someone like that, heavy hitter, maybe giving this thing a hot more credibility? your thoughts. >> i do think someone with credibility than a rudy giuliani might be more successful in terms of advocating for the trump campaign. but again, i think that car has left the station with regards to trying to reverse any of these numbers. it's much more difficult, as you know, trace, from a legal perspective to actually throw out votes once they've been tabulated and counted. regardless of who they get from a level of experience, i think it's just not an upward battle that they're going to be successful with. trace: i wonder if the pressure starts to mount. you have people like lindsey graham kind of coming out, you know, acknowledging that joe biden is the president-elect, and we've had reports there of some internal battles in the white house, maybe some saying the president should consider conceding here.
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do you think the pressure over the next couple of days rises, kevin? >> sure, i think it will certainly be mounting. we know. in your reporting over the last four years there's not a lot of outside pressure that actually motivates president trump, so that's going to be him and his conscience whether he wants to be a uniting figure in the endings and day of his presidency or not. but again, the american people have spoken pretty clearly. this is a clarion call for joe biden to be the president-elect. and regardless of what the president does, joe biden will be inaugurated on january 20th. trace taste kevin walling, thank you. >> great, trace, good to be with you. sandra: live pictures of vote counters in philadelphia as the vote continues there although we have called the state and, therefore, the presidency. that is the county that helped push biden to victory in pennsylvania and, therefore, the presidency. we are on the breaking news. we will go there live next. ♪ - [narrator] this is joe.
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11:24 am
leland. leland: just in the past couple of hours since the announcement, the crowd in downtown d.c. in front of the white house has swelled to in the thousands. we're going to pan over, show you just how close we are. this was renamed black lives matter plaza where the protests were back a couple months ago in june. certainly now it's much more along the lines of a street fair. people popping champagne bolts, there's the distinct smell of pot in the air at various times, we had sweet caroline sing alongs and good-bye sing-alongs. everybody sort of generally kind of happy and enjoying a beautiful saturday out here. but there is a distinct feeling of relief mixed with anger mixed with pushing people, wishing president trump would just leave now is the general sentiment. but how different the feel is out here than what it was like during the protests back in june. certainly not any of the kinds of violence or the difficulty that the secret service and others were planning for when the result of the election was
11:25 am
announced at least so far. whether that changes as the hours go by out here, to be seen. but right now looking at three or four champagne bolts that people have popped and sprayed the crowd with, so there's not the idea of violence or difficulties that people had boarded up all their stores for. trace: back to you as news breaks. leland, thank you. sandra. sandra: thank you. fox news projecting joe biden will be the 46th president even as votes are still being counted in many states. we have fox team coverage in a cup of the key -- couple of the key states that made all the difference and leading to the call that joe biden is now the president-elect of the united states. philadelphia, obviously, key since the very beginning in this election. you take a look at some of those key counts, bucks county, that the president campaigned hard in, really needed to tighten that margin in. as we watched the final vote count come in, i will circle the
11:26 am
difference in bucks county. this made a big difference for the president. the difference, 15,509 votes. you can see joe biden winning by 51.5% in that county. you go back to the results of the 2016 election, and you can see that joe biden did lead the president by a greater margin in that county. that made a big difference in this election. you go to some of those other key blue counts, allegheny county, home to pittsburgh, where hillary clinton back in 2016 garnered 58.5% of the vote there, this time around joe biden gained as far as votes counted in that county that were blue. that helped joe biden in this election. we're watching pennsylvania, this made the big difference in the call when that state was finally called earlier today. jonathan hunt is on the ground in north las vegas, but we're going to begin with eric shawn in philadelphia because, eric, obviously as we watch philadelphia, this was a key county. so far 432,000 is the difference
11:27 am
in votes there. joe biden securing 81% of the votes in philadelphia county. it made all the difference, eric. good afternoon. eric: good afternoon, sandra. hello, everyone. yes, right you are. they're chanting in the streets, cheering, hosch honking -- horn honking, a lot of joy and relief among many of these people especially in the rally that's being held behind me. right now we're at the philadelphia convention center where the counting going on inside. you know, that's where the focus has been on this election over the past four days. but on monday that focus will shift from the convention center to the federal and state courthouse here in philadelphia because the president's' legal team says that they have a slew of allegations involving voter fraud that they will present in court. within the last few hours, pam bondi, corey lewandowski and rudy giuliani held a press conference with evidence of this. they allege that some of the
11:28 am
ballots were tampered with, they say dead people could have been voting in this election, and they continue the say that republican monitors in the convention hall were not close enough to see the ballots. they at first were 25 feet away, then a federal judge cut that to 6 feet, but the republican monitors were standing right alongside the democratic monitors, so that rule affected the democrats too. here rudy giuliani from earlier today. >> those mail-in ballots could have been for anybody. those mail-in ballots could have been for anybody they wrote in. those mail-in ballots could have been written the day before by the democratic party hacks that were all over the convention center. what i'm saying to you is not a single one was inspected as the law required. eric: multiple people who worked in the convention center as counters, i've talked to them today, they they told me insides
11:29 am
room, quote, impossible. there have been strict protocols and oversight of the counting room. security is so strict, they toll me official search all the garbage, and they would not even allow pens on the floor here, the counters cuddle not have pens -- could not have pens in case there was any issue. >> i couldn't have done it if i wanted to. there were too many people watching us. there was the poll work -- the supervisors, the live stream, there was the monitors. it just wouldn't have happened. eric: could you take a trump ballot and then crumple it up and throw it in the wastebasket? >> there were no trash cans. so, no, you couldn't do that. eric: meanwhile, the philadelphia district attorney has set up a task force to investigate any allegations of voter fraud. they say they will do that, we've reached out to them to see if they have any active cases yet. we're waiting to hear back from them.
11:30 am
meanwhile, the two top republicans in the commonwealth, the speaker of the house and the senate majority leader, both say they have not seen any evidence of the voter fraud that the president's team has been talking about. to be continued, this will land in court sometime next week. sandra, back to you. sandra: eric shawn live on the ground in philadelphia where as you can see the supporters of joe biden's victory are gathering. a reminder with the two states called today, pennsylvania and nevada, where that put joe biden on the electoral map, 290 is the number to president trump's 214. one of those key states that came in today projected win for joe biden in nevada, 88% of the vote tallied there. take a look at the difference, 25,699 votes separated president trump from joe biden. and you look at the 2016 election, and you do see that joe biden garneredded more, a bigger percentage of the vote in that state. clark county was the one we were watching. there's been, obviously, huge shutdowns that have hit the
11:31 am
tourism industry, las vegas greatly affected by the coronavirus. and this is the result in 2016. clark county, you can see joe biden did not get as much of the vote in that county as hillary clinton, but still it was enough to secure a victory, and that led to a victory in the state. ultimately, fox news projecting earlier today that joe biden will win the state of nevada. the trump campaign in that state is vowing legal action. jonathan hunt is live on the ground in clark county on the ground in las vegas for us this afternoon. jonathan, what are you seeing and hearing there? >> reporter: well, sandra, worth remembering as well that we're not done counting here in nevada. and given that the vast majority, around 90% of the outstanding votes to come are coming from clark county, heavily democratic, the numbers for joe biden appear on track to continue rising, and he appears set to continue to stretch that lead. so it's not done by any means,
11:32 am
and he may well surpass the sort of margins hillary clinton saw i in 2016. that is why, obviously, our decision desk has called nevada for former vice president, now president-elect joe biden. meantime, you have these republican lawsuits that were filed and got a hearing yesterday, late yesterday, in district court here. there were two planks of that lawsuit that were ruled on yesterday with. one of them about the transparency of the members of the public and media being able to witness the counting. one of them on whether signature verification was ad adequate. -- adequate. in both instances republican lawyers only offered one individual as their evidence of their problems with both of those issues. so district judge andrew gordon gave the remoney lawyers -- republican lawyers pretty short
11:33 am
shrift and dismissed both of those claims for emergency relief. you might also remember that a couple of days ago when this lawsuit was first announced, the former acting director of national intelligence, rick get e knell -- ric grenell, speaking on behalf of the trump campaign said a major plank of this is the claims that they were making that thousands of people who were not actually residents of nevada had voted in the nevada election. well, that was barely mentioned in the court documents. it, in fact, didn't come up in the hearing at all yesterday. it may come up in future claims by republican lawyers, but it certainly wasn't part of yesterday, and it has been shown and claimed by democrats here that some of those on the list the republicans produced were actually active duty military who have absolute right to vote as legal nevada residents. so it may be that that simply goes away, though ric grenell
11:34 am
has promised more evidence. we'll see if they come up with anything. but for now, the lawsuits they have filed are dead here in nevada. sandra? sandra: okay. jonathan hunt live there in las vegas are for us. jonathan, thank you. trace? trace: meantime from philadelphia, let's go down to new york and take a live look there, heavily in joe biden's favor. we've got protests in new york, let's bring in alex hogan live with what they're saying on the ground. alex. >> reporter: hi, trace. well, this is quite the celebration here in times square. if you take a look around me, i'm standing with about 8,000 people now crowding the street thes, about five streets are blocked off, these cross roads, to make sure there are no vehicles passing through these masses of crowds now overwhelming the streets. if you look at new york, 55% of the vote was divided whereas 43% of the vote went to trump. but in manhattan alone, it's 85.4% of the city voted for biden, and only 14.5 went red.
11:35 am
a lot of responses today from elected officials. the mayor of the city tweeting this is what democracy looks like. chuck schumer tweeted a video of himself congratulating joe biden. he also held up his phone so biden could hear crowds cheering for hum. back here in new york city, a lot of cheering for this new victory that they say something they have long been waiting for. one person i spoke with here, this is david. david's been standing here for about two hours. this is now the backdrop, a hot of people taking a lot of photos here. why was it important for you to come out here? >> you know, there's a long list that led us to vote for these two fine people, but among them, the divisiveness, the hate against the lgbt community, people of color, our fellow citizens regardless of where they're from. that stops right here and stops right now. >> reporter: that's exactly the message we've been hearing from a lot of people. you're see a lot of people
11:36 am
chanting, cheering, there was one instance with this light pole, eventually that person was taken down. if you look around me, the streets are just swarmed with people. this is something that is drastically different from what we have seen in times square throughout the pandemic. this area has been, basically, a skeleton of what it was once. people cheering, saying this is the moment they were waiting for. trace? trace: seens like that across the country. alex hogan in times square, thank you. sandra: by the way, a reminder that joe biden will be addressing the nation tonight. that is planned at 8 p.m. eastern time. of course, we'll all be watching and listening for that. and as far as the president's movements, we are told he just departed. he was playing golf when all of this was coming in, he has departed trump national, the motorcade has left, and we should see that shortly. what we could see next is mike
11:37 am
ellen. i'm looking at the front page of axios, the headline: biden era begins. what does a biden administration look like? >> yeah. we got a taste of it last night when joe biden came out, he was trying to hold back on the celebration. but he used the phrase mandate for action, and axios has some new reporting for your fox viewers about a what he means by mandate for action. we're told that on monday, before he announces his senior staff -- which was the original plan -- before he announces any cabinet members, he's going to announce a coronavirus task force. his way of signaling that's going to be job one for him. of course, that is what he's going to be judged on, how to do you get the -- how do you get the country past the pandemic, how do you bring back the economy. he's leaning into that. sandra: mike has a great point because while this transition takes mace, there's no, there's no guesses out there that the
11:38 am
coronavirus is just going to go away. so what do we know about joe biden and his plans? the president-elect's plans as far as administration officials, task force members? there's been a lot of different reporting and names floated out there. have you been able to do any further reporting on who he may be choosing to work with him? >> yes. so i have some reporting for you on that. we're told that he's going to be very aggressive. he's, of course, had to revise his plans. they're reconfiguring on the fly because having a likely republican majority senate vastly constrains what he's able to do, the whole build back better that we've seen his speeches on fox over these weeks and months, all of that is much more difficult if you have a republican majority senate. so here's the new reporting. there's going to be much more of an emphasis on the executive branch. what can we he do without congress, what can he do through
11:39 am
executive orders? he could undo a lot of what trump did there. what can he do through regulations. and the interesting twist here is he actually has a little running room with his left. if he could -- if you hold a blue white house, a democratic senate and, of course, a democratic house, the rising part of this democratic party, the younger progressive wing would have been constant pressure on biden. now, with his more centrist instincts, knowing that's where the country more is, or he's able to hold that off a little bit because having to work with the republican are senate says i can only do so much. so he will bide time with his left through executive orders and, we're told, appointments. one quick thing about the who, i would look for the more trig -- tradition alibieden-centrist people in the sort of national security world and more progressive and more liberal
11:40 am
appointees in the other parts of the government. sandra: mike, you know, right now watching, watching -- if we can get that off the screen, some profanity on a sign there -- we're watching supporters there in philadelphia, and they have been making the supporters. joe biden made it attacks on president trump's character, and they put out a message of unity, that they are going to bring this country together. the economy on the voters' minds. we saw it this time around, we is saw it last time around. there have been vague details at times coming from the biden campaign as to how they plan to proceed. he's been pressed on taxes. he has talked about not raising taxes for anyone making under $400,000 a year. one could make the case we saw a very strong economy under president trump pre-pandemic. so what does this economy look like when joe biden gets ahold of it? obviously, pointing out what you are pointing out, republicans
11:41 am
likely keeping the majority in the senate. >> it's going to be more limits to what he can do. the original plan, the plan until tuesday, was to have a massive coronavirus package and put as much under that banner as you could, maybe even try and do some of your infrastructure spending, do everything that you could there. that's harder now. and the biden administration is facing the reality that going in that, despite the president saying that we're rounding the beautiful curve, of course, we're not. and so they recognize that they could go in with a very, very difficult coronavirus situation. and something that's going to use up a lot of their bandwidth, like we're all praying for a vaccine. once we get a vaccine or vaccines, getting the public to adopt it, the logistics of distribution, all of that is going to be a massive lift for the administration.
11:42 am
so i think it's possible that changes in taxes don't come til year two. there's so much to be done, bandwidth going to be their issue and the complication -- sandra: i've got to leave it there. >> -- negotiating with the other party. that's going to constrain what can be done. they're going to have to use their bandwidth very wisely. sandra: mike, appreciate your time. we continue to see supporters for the president-elect gathering there in washington as the day rolls on that we now know joe biden has topped president trump and is now the president-elect of the united states. mike, thank you. trace? trace: and now we move from washington to georgia where the election results remain too close to call as mail-in ballots are still beingal hiked in that state -- being tallied in that state. steve harrigan is live from atlanta with the latest there. steve? >> reporter: trace, they thought there could be preliminary votes counted by this weekend, but right now the voting is simply too close to call. out of about 5 million votes
11:43 am
cast, the margin, the lead by president-elect biden is just about 7,000 votes. they expect to certify the votes by november 20th, but already election officials here say there will be a recount. there will be a difference of less than half a percent between the two candidates, so a recount is likely. we've seen small groups of people gather on one side to celebrate what's happened in the presidential election, other groups near the capitol, small groups saying they don't like what's happened, a lot of trump supporters saying this election far from over. >> i think it's a little premature. it just sounds like there's going to be multiple states with recounts and an awful lot of litigation. i'm just hopeful that everybody stays calm in the country, waits to see how that transpires. >> reporter: one thing that's clearly not over in georgia are the senate races. two republican incumbents failed to reach 50% in the vote, so we're going to see two races in runoffs on january 5th. and those races could have major implications for who controls
11:44 am
the senate. one thing that is clear though at this point already is that georgia has changed. it's been a reliable republican state since 1992. that certainly different now because of a million new voters, because of tremendous outreach by the democrats to bring in new voters. it's a state that is really dead even. the margin between the two presidential candidates, .0002%, and that even split comes at a time when the entire nation now will turn to georgia to watch an incredible battle over two senate races that could determine who controls the senate. trace, back to you. trace: steve harrigan live in atlanta, thank you. both campaigns gearing up for a legal battle across several states. joining me now to discuss the fallout, attorney -- [inaudible] mitchell and professor of law at the university of memphis, steve mull roy. he is also the author of rethinking u.s. election law on skewing the system. welcome to you both. cleat, i know the president is
11:45 am
beefing up his legal team. he plans to begin prosecuting this case on monday. you know, he -- they're going guns blaring at this. the question is the strategy. you know, they keep saying we're going to go after, you know, widespread fraud and some irregularities. what's the strategy in your estimation going forward? >> well, in order to do an election law challenge, you have to gather evidence, and that's what we're in the process of doing in georgia. we're looking at anomalies in terms of vote rejections versus results. we do not have yet from the secretary of state's office a list of who actually voted. they're telling us monday, and we're already double checking and finding people -- [inaudible] we're going to be finding people have voted across state lines, voted in two states, illegal voting, non-citizens and that sort of thing. we are building that case. we think that there will be evidence that we will have.
11:46 am
we already know that there is evidence of that, and there are malfunctions in equipment and questions about improper denial of republican watchers in the county. so there are a lot of anomalies, irregularities, questions, and i think every american when this is all over, whoever is decided to be the president, remember, just because cnn or even fox news says who's president doesn't make them president. so i think everybody wants to know this was done properly and legally and that we can trust the results. and i think we have to look at every one of these concerns. trace: yeah. >> [inaudible] trace: and i think that's a very good point there, steve. look, the news media doesn't just anoint the next president. the question becomes here is this legal fight enough, are there enough votes out there, is there enough momentum and enough fraud to overturn some of the
11:47 am
numbers that we have seen in these states that have been are projected for joe biden, steve. >> well, that's the $64,000 question, of course. i mean, you can allegation irregularities, but you have to have evidence for it, and you also have to have enough evidence to show that enough evidence are affected -- votes are affected that it could actually change the outcome of an election, and you'll have to do it in multiple states here because just, you know, invalidating pennsylvania wouldn't be enough, just invalidating georgia wouldn't be enough. you have to do several of those states plus nevada which, i think, makes it a tough road for the trump organization. trace: yeah. and i want to put up, this is trump statement number two, if i can in the booth. and, cleta, i want your opinion. it remains shocking that the biden campaign refuses to agree with this basic principle and wants ballots counted even if they are fraudulent, manufactured or cast by ineligible or deceased voters.
11:48 am
we really haven't seen any contention with by the biden campaign that they want these votes counted. what's the mode there? are we trying to cast just skepticism on the entire process or what's the goal? >> well, the goal is exactly what the president said. we want every legal vote counted. we want every illegal vote that dilutes the impact of a legal vote, we want all those illegal votes thrown out. and that's something that we as republicans and conservatives have fought with the democrats and their left-wing allies in state after state. they want to have illegal processes, they want to -- [inaudible] and they want to count votes that are not legal. i think that what we have to be intent upon is making sure that this election was honest, that we didn't have the widespread
11:49 am
disaster of pennsylvania -- trace: yep. >> -- and i think we have to -- the public to be confident in the outcome. trace: let me give steve the last word. your final word because, really, when you have professor jonathan turley who said, equated this with, you know, hunting elephants with derringers, said that the administration, the campaign needs a bigger caliber weapon to go after this. >> we'll have it. >> right. so -- well, again, i'm not sure there's actual evidence that suggests the democrats want to count illegal votes. now, there were some rule changes that occurred because of the pandemic, and some of those may be subject to challenge, some of them may not be. but at the end of the day, you have to change enough votes that you can change the outcome the election in multiple states to bring biden's count below 270 electoral college votes. that's going to be tough. troys. trace: we've got to go. good of you both, thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you.
11:50 am
sandra: joe biden's victory coming, of course, after a hotly-contested election, but president trump is still vowing to fight the results in court. here with us now is co-host of "the five," dana perino. dana, i know you're going to be live coming up, i believe with bill hemmer, a short time from now. as this day continues, dana, i think it was such a great point that you made, it was a couple hours ago just moments after the big news was made that it had been called that joe biden won the presidency. you said let's stop and take this moment in. because the country just elected the first woman and woman of color as the vice president of the united states, and this is a moment in history that we are all witnessing together. dana: well, and it's true, right? there will be so many firsts now with her there. i know people have strong feelings of support or not supporting her, but regardless, this is a very historical moment. and i liked the viral video that
11:51 am
they put out where she was out with her husband, they were out for a walk, and she gets the call from joe biden. she just seemed very at ease, you know, with herself, not in full hair and makeup for this moment and out on her walk. the other thing that i kind of appreciate is the relationship between kamala harris and her husband, doug endorf. he is her best friend, and i think it's such a great example of him supporting her in this moment, and he'll be there for whatever she needs. we've seen movies or television shows about this kind of arrangement, but this is the first time that we are seeing it in real life, and it is a moment worth pausing to reflect on. however, i would say that anybody who was watching when we had donna brazile, our colleague, on a couple of hours ago when she was asked for her reflections on this moment, it was extremely moving. for women everywhere and especially black women --
11:52 am
sandra: dana, we're listening to the crowds in the street there in philadelphia as you were speaking, and i believe they're saying, na, na, na, hey, hey, hey, good-bye. they're singing it as they walk down the street. everyone's trying to imagine what a joe biden presidency looks like. knowing what we saw throughout both of these campaigns, the attacks they leveled on each other. in some cases you could make the case, dana, there was a lack of real policy dispute and lack of a light shined on, really, what joe biden plans to do with this presidency. so from what we heard from him throughout his campaign and kamala harris, what are the expectations? dana: i think they're still trying to figure that out as well, because even though they won the presidency, the executive branch, they did not do well in the house of representatives or in the senate. i mean, obviously, speaker pelosi is still speaker, but she has a much smaller margin. and i think that we have heard
11:53 am
that the progressive left, right, would try to pull owe biden that way. -- joe biden that way. he's going to try to resist that, but he'll have some backup because that's not realistic, that will never get through a republican senate if the republicans do hold on to that senate. we have two runoffs that will happen in georgia. katie, bar the door, those are two very important elections, everybody's going to be trying to win them. sandra: and now, of course, big questions over what this legal battle looks like. we were told that the president just left the golf course a short time ago, the motorcade was heading back to the white house. we probably will get a look at that shortly, but he's been pretty quiet today, dana, as all this is going on. perhaps we'll hear more from him later, but we know we will hear from joe biden. he's planning to speak at 8:00 tonight. dana: he is. i think the president is letting his lawyers and spokespeople speak for him today. i think that's absolutely appropriate, responsible, the right thing to do at this moment, and i think that it was
11:54 am
good that he was out getting some recreation, to have a moment to process things, and he says that they're going to go forward with these legal challenges. the thing is i just feel like the p.r. train and the court of public opinion is moving much faster than the actual court system. and cleta mitchell makes some very good points. she was the guest you just had on talking about how every legal vote should be counted and anything illegal should be discounted. that's absolutely right. it's just are there enough to overcome what looks to be the win for joe biden here. sandra: dana, thank you. and as i just mentioned -- >> yeah. any tips on dealing with hemmer? [laughter] sandra: nicest guy. it's going to be great. the day will continue with dana joining bill hemmer to continue our special coverage coming up, 4 p.m. eastern time. and you can always catch dana on "the daily briefing" weekdays at 2 p.m. eastern time. so our coverage continues trout the day -- throughout the day. stay with trace and me as we
11:55 am
take you through the next hour here on the fox news channel. trace: meantime, across the country people are taking to the streets coast to coast including right outside the white house. that's a live look. we'll take you around the country for more breaking news. big day. next. ♪ ♪ for it. juggled life for it. for it. took charge for it. so care for it. look after it. invest with the expertise of j.p. morgan, either with an advisor or online, through chase. after all, it's yours. chase. make more of what's yours.
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sandra: it is 3:00 on the east coast. people gathering on the streets of washington, d.c., philadelphia and around the
11:59 am
country as news spreads of joe biden being elected the 46th president of the united states. welcome to our democracy 2020 special coverage on this saturday afternoon. i'm sandra smith in new york. hello, trace. trace: sandra, good day to you. i'm trace gallagher in los angeles. president trump is back at the white house after playing a round of golf, and he vows that his campaign will be taking legal action beginning monday. the chief white house correspondent john roberts is live for us at the white house with the latest on the president's plan. john. >> reporter: trace, sandra, good afternoon to you. we do not know if we're going to hear from the president today or not, i would suspect that we likely won't. we heard from him through husband campaign earlier, and the message from the president was that, for him at least and at least for the moment, this is not over. the president saying, quote: beginning monday our campaign will start prosecuting our case in court to insure election laws are fully upheld and the rightful winner is seated. the american people are entitle today an honest election, that
12:00 pm
means counting all legal ballots and not counting any illegal ballots. this is the only way to insure the public has full confidence in our election. it remains shocking that the biden campaign refuses to agree with this basic principle and wants ballots counted even if they are fraudulent, manufactured or cast by ineligible or deceased voters. there are going to be a number of suits that will be filed on monday. i was speaking to rudy giuliani about this a little more than an hour ago. they claim that there are tens of thousands of ballots, particularly in pennsylvania, that went through without being propererly inspected. they're trying to do -- what they're trying to do is get a look at these ballots to see whether or not the postmarks were correct, whether or not the signatures match, whether or not the ballots were filled out correctly or not. the president believes he's got a lot riding on this. in a tweet that was flagged by twitter this morning, the president saying i won this election by a lot. in another tweet which was actually censored by twitter, the president said people were screaming stop the count, we
12:01 pm
demand transparency as legal observers were refuse admittance to count rooms, and another censored by twitter, tens of thousands of votes were illegally received after 8 p.m. on tuesday, changing the results in pennsylvania and certain other razor-thin states. to that point, this idea of the 8 p.m. tuesday deadline, in pennsylvania at least that was the subject of a case that was before the supreme court, and yesterday justice samuel alito ordered the state of pennsylvania to she s questionquester -- sequester any ballots, whether they will be inspected, whether they will be disallowed, it's too early to tell. sources tell fox news that, obviously, the president wants to fight this, but that he is really being encouraged by members of his family to keep fighting this. at this point it's unclear how far he's going to take it, trace and sandra. you know they'll probably give
12:02 pm
it a few days to see how the legal process unfolds. if it looks like it's going somewhere, the president may decide to continue to pursue it. don't forget, we've got until december the 14th when the electors meet to anoint the new president to make some ground on the legal front. and if there is some ground made, you could always delay that december. 14th vote as well. or we could see in the next few days that he chooses to gracefully bow out. we do not know that yet. but what the immediate goal is with the president and the trump campaign is to try to get a court to agree to grant access to those mail-in ballots so that they can be examined for any possibl irregularities. trace, sandra? if. trace: john, back to you if the president decides to speak. thank you. sandra: thank you, trace. president-elect joe biden and vice president-elect kamala harris will address the nation 8 p.m. eastern time tonight.
12:03 pm
peter doocy has more on that. peter, what do we expect from this address? will joe biden and kamala harris appear together tonight? >> reporter: they will, sandra, socially distanced, of course. first, though, the mood here at biden campaign hq in wilmington isn't just excited because the election has been decided, two women just gotten gauged right outside the -- engaged right outside the security checkpoint in a crowd that has been steadily growing since the election was called for joe biden. the president-elect remains at home in wilmington the about 15 minutes away from the stage where he will make the biggest address of his entire political career. he's wearing a hat that says we just did, 46. and he posed with his wife, the futcher first lady. there you see the photo, holding a sign that says dr. and joe biden live here, and they've crossed out the vice and covered it so it just says president
12:04 pm
biden lives here. his first statement reads like this: i am honored and humbled by the trust the american people have placed in me if vice president-elect harris. in the face of unprecedented obstacles, a number of americans voted proving once again that democracy beats deep in the heart of america. with the campaign over, it's time to put the anger and harsh rhetoric behind us and come together as a nation. it's time for america to unite and to heal. we are the united states of america, and there's nothing we can't do if we do it togetherment kamala harris, the first-ever female vice president-elect and the first-ever black vice president9-elect, was out on a walk in workout clothes when the calls came in for them, and she picked up the phone. >> yes. we dud it, we -- we dud it, we did it, joe. you're going to be the next president of the united states. [laughter] >> reporter: the most popular car here that joe biden was first elected to the senate in 1973 was a chevy monte carlo,
12:05 pm
the most popular car at this event is a jeep. there are several jeeps that are flanking the stage where biden's going to make his address. we expect vips to sit in the cars that are already preset and then the about 400 more to stream in ahead of this 8 p.m. eastern scheduled start. so the secret service has their hands full, there are a lot of people showing up at the gates. parking, very limited over here, but we do expect to see supporters lining up to see this historic address short lu. sandra? sandra: okay. peter doocy in wilmington where we will hear from the president-elect and vice president-elect tonight. thank you. joining us now with more from nevada, co-chair of catholics for trump and american conservative union chairman matt schlapp. matt, thanks for being here. >> great to be with you, zahn a da. -- sandra. sandra: how is the campaign reacting this afternoon? >> i think everybody is trying to just remember we have a job to do, and this nation is obviously very politically
12:06 pm
divided. we've actually been very divided since the year 2000 in the florida recount. and what we have to make sure happens with these results is that they can be universal lu accepted by the partisans -- universally accepted by the partisans on both sides. and because this race is so close and because we've uncovered so many irregularities in places like clark county, it's important that we count every legal ballot and make sure that we take every legal step to make sure that illegal ballots are not in the count. and we can do that. we've done it before, we'll do it now. sandra: all right. so you are talking about the fight that the president says he plans to take on in some of these states where you are, and the campaign, are making the case that there was all legal votes that were counted in this presidential election. of course, that would have to amount to enough to swing to a donald trump victory in those states. if you had evidence you were able to prove that, is it enough, matt? >> yeah.
12:07 pm
well, sandra, that's the whole problem with the way this is set up. can i just talk about clark county where i am in las vegas. sandra: sure. >> as in many other of these democrat-controlled counties, they didn't check any obituaries for the death records in the state, and they forgot to check conveniently or purposely did not take the step of making sure they took out the people who had moved from nevada. so we have now calculatedded that over 9,000 people who don't live in nevada voted. that's without an interaction appropriately with the county officials to track who's voted and who hasn't voted. i find it to be undemocratic that you would actually purposefully put ballots out into the community that you know are for dead people or for people who have moved. i've been called, we've been called by two families, fred stokes and rosemary hartle who
12:08 pm
can't believe their relative's ballot was returned. they contacted us, why didn't they deduce the names from the death records? these types of irregularities need to be called out and remedied. sandra: i've only got about a minute left. the federal judge has been denying the gop request for a recount in clark county for those mail-in -- >> that's not right. sandra: i understand that -- that's not right? >> no, no, no, that's not. we still are going to add adjudicate this question. that's still to come. sandra: very clear on the part of the campaign that you are going to continue with this legal battle. we'll see what the president has to say as the day goes on. but, if you could, matt, big picture what this means for your party as we ultimately await senate results, obviously, we have to wait til. but what is -- til january. s with the big picture for your party as we look at the next four years, matt? >> i think the first step is to make sure we conduct this election in a way where the vast
12:09 pm
majority of americans can have confidence in the results. the second thing, as a republican and partisan, i'm really proud of the fact that we had this huge uptick with african-american voters. we won the catholic vote. we had a huge uptick with members of the lgbtq community. we had a huge uptick with the hispanic community, something that's near and dear to my heart because of my wife and my daughters. so i think the republican party should be very proud of what they did, and i think we can be very proud that president trump has changed the dynamics of our party, hopefully forever. we'll fight, we're so good at throwing in the towel, we're going to fight for what we believe in, and we're going to fight in this election. sandra: montana matt schlapp, thank you. >> thank you, sandra. trace trace meantime, the future of the senate is still in limbo as several key races have yet to be called. republicans hope to keep their majority, they will also have to adjust to working with a democratic white house. for more on this, indiana republican senator and chairman of the national republican
12:10 pm
senatorial committee, todd young. senator, great to see you, sir. ing thank you for coming on. i want to get off the top here your reaction to the fact the president has no plans to concede, in fact, he plans to mount this robust legal challenge. >> well, look, every legally-cast ballot will be counted, it'll be certified. on the senate side, i think the big takeaway from election night was that the pundits got it all wrong. what was on the ballot was radical democratic, socialist policies, policies like packing the supreme court of the united states, like a green new deal, like implementation of much higher taxes on rank and file americans, like defunding the police. those things were rejected whole hog in these battleground u.s. senate races. we've been able to -- when all the counting is done, we will have 50 united states senate seats in republican hands, it appears, and then we turn to georgia where we have a special election, and the entire nation will be focused on georgia because that could conceivably
12:11 pm
be the firewall against these radical democratic policies that those democratic candidates in georgia still are running on. trace: which brings us to the relationship between joe biden and mitch mcconnell, because if the republicans do hold the senate, mitch mcconnell would maintain has poise as majority leader. politico writes biden's propensity for cutting deals with mitch mcconnell became a running source of aggravation for liberals. now it will be key to getting anything done at all. things are certainly not all warm and fuzzy between mcconnell and biden, yet beneath the sniping is a deep relationship, even friendship that could challenge the predictions of absolute gridlock already emanating from the capitol. your thoughts on that, senator. >> make no mistake, if mitch mcconnell remains majority leader of the united states senate, he will be able to check the worst impulses of this national democratic party which has been hijacked by a aoc, by the squad, by the radical
12:12 pm
socialist wing of its party. self-described socialists like bernie sanders have been suggested for cabinet posts. i predict they will not be nominated, nor will they be confirmed should republicans keep control of these georgia senate seats. that's why we need folks from around the country to contribute. they can contribute by visiting and contribute to the georgia battleground fund which is being chaired, national finance chair karl rove. we're going to -- trace: campaign advertising aside, we should move on because, you know, you make a fair point saying, you know, our decision desk said the republicans, despite losing the presidency, are in pretty good shape. i mean, the most votes ever went to joe biden, the second most in history went to president trump here. the republicans stand a very good chance of maintaining the senate. they picked up seats in the house. so the republican party going forward is in good shape, senator, says our decision desk. >> we've won the marketplace of ideas. first you win the argument, then
12:13 pm
you win the vote. it was margaret thatcher, of course, who first said that. we've won the argument. we won the argument for economic freedom and individual liberty. that's what will still be on the ballot january 5th in the state of georgia. that's why it's so important to stay focused on that intently. that's why everyone should visit nrsc -- trace: everybody should -- [laughter] so my last question would be on the pressure on the president. you know, lindsey graham has acknowledged that, you know, with joe biden as the president-elect, other -- there's some internal battles, we're told, by chief white house correspondent john roberts in the white house about whether the president should concede. as the pressure mounts, as more republicans believe maybe this is the right thing to do, what do you think the presidential response would be, sir? >> look, all americans just want to make sure that every legal vote is counted. i know that trump camp, they share the same goal. and that's why these legal processes will play out. they'll play out soon.
12:14 pm
the american people need to show some patience and all will be well. trace: you didn't want to plug the fund one more time, senator? i'm teasing you -- >> oh, you mean, the georgia battleground fund to hold on to those two united states senate seats. trace: thank you for your time. sandra: and now for the democratic support, pennsylvania senator bob casey joining us, fox news predicting joe biden winning the keystone state, that made all the difference in this election, ultimately electing joe biden to be the 46th president. good afternoon to you. first, your reaction on this historic day. >> oh, thanks very much. no, it's a great day, and it was especially significant that pennsylvania was, in's essence, the deciding state at the end. but just for, i think for a lot of americans and certainly for me and vice president biden and now president-elect biden and kamala harris, i think it's a
12:15 pm
day to -- [inaudible] joe biden from earlier today. sandra: when the celebrating in the streets comes to an end, which we continue to see throughout the day today in various cities across the nation, a live look there in philadelphia as it looks like there's a bit of a party there, kamala harris tweeting this out just momentsing ago, senator: joe biden and i are ready the get to work on behalf of the american people. we are going to hear joe biden address the country tonight. what is necessary to hear from the him as he addresses the american people? >> well, i'm not going to tell him what to say, but i'm sure that the word gratitude will be part of his remarks. but he also, i think, will focus on the battle ahead, the challenges we have. we still have a raging, raging virus. just looking at the numbers, 9.6 million cases across the country
12:16 pm
and 235,000, more than that, deaths. that's got to be the first order of business. in addition to the economic crisis we're in. so i think he'll get right to work on that. and there's no question that right now the nation has to come together op those two challenges -- on those two challenges, the economic and public health crisis. i think that's going to be central to what he'll do in, you know, the early days of his presidency. but he's not going to wait for january. he's starting right now in terms of getting briefings and being able to govern. but i think we should at least give him a day or so to celebrate because when you consider his life story, the great american story of struggle and triumph, a story that's had a lot of tragedy, and i'm just happy for him personally but also happy that on this day, i'm here in his hometown, it's a bright day in scranton for joe
12:17 pm
biden. sandra: heading into this, of course, you know there was often a debate over a centrist joe biden, a kamala harris that could bring him farther to the left. you're seeing what's happening in the senate, of course, waiting on january for republicans there. what do you think joe biden will be able to get done, will be able to accomplish in his presidency considering how this turned out in the house and the senate? >> well, i don't think there's any question that people in both parties in the senate, despite what i heard from my friend todd who's a good guy but was talking about -- i know he wants to talk about that senate race, i do as well, but i think the most important thing we've got to do in the senate no matter who is in the majority is the focus on -- to focus on the crisis in front of us. well over 100,000 cases day after day after day, we hit a record in pennsylvania for one day. we've got to put this virus
12:18 pm
behind us, we've got to tackle it -- sandra: what does that mean? senator, when i hear that and so many american people wonder, especially look what happened down there in clark county, nevada, the margins by which joe biden won was not what hillary clinton garneredded, they're still counting in that county, of course, we'll watch that come in. but when you talk about that, you have to talk about the economy as well. and what joe biden will plan to do to, ultimately, you know, limit the spread of this virus. is he willing to shut down the country again? >> no, what he's going to do is tackle the virus, and we've got to help him do that. no, everybody should wear, as they say, wear a mask. i think it's going to to be helpful to have a president who will model the baer and have a strategy -- the behavior and have a strategy. we need a national testing strategy, we need to make sure that every front-line worker has the personal protective equipment they need. we can do this as a country. we can tackle the virus, and the faster we do that, the faster we
12:19 pm
can -- sandra: senator, i can't help but point out an obvious image on the screen right now of hundreds of supporters celebrating, gathering in the streets and cities across the nation. should that be addressed? >> well, they're celebrating, but they have masks on. i was just outside, and everyone i saw had a mask on. look, this is, this is a crisis for the country, but i think we can tackle it we effective leadership. sandra: it is very true, this is something that we are dealing with and many states still seeing spikes and record cases in some states. we will see how the next couple of months go. senator, appreciate your time. thank you. >> thank you very much. trace: we have seen celebrations in the nation's capital, in new york, in wilmington, delaware. up next, that's a live look in los angeles, and we'll go live to the streets there as the celebrations for joe biden becoming the president-elect go on, next. ♪ ♪ - [narrator] this is joe.
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(combative yelling) he used to have bad breath. now, he uses a capful of therabreath, to keep his breath (combative yelling) smelling great all day long. this is steve. he used to have gum problems. now, he uses therabreath, with clinically-proven ingredients, and his gum problems have vanished. (magic twinkling) (audience gasps) this is kate. she always wanted her smile to shine. - now, she uses a capful of therabreath (gargles) to give her the healthy, sparkly smile, (sighs contentedly) she always wanted. (crowd cheers) - therabreath, it's a better mouthwash. - [narrator] at walmart, target and other fine stores. ♪ ♪ trace: crowds of biden supporters gathering in los angeles to mark his election win. let's go live to christina coleman in downtown los angeles with more. crust e teen that, good afternoon. >> reporter: hi, good afternoon. yeah, it's a very lively
12:24 pm
situation out here. a lot of people, a lot of energy, a lot of excitement. you know, i asked some people, you know, how dud you feel the is second you heard this news today in and they just said they were, you know, incredibly happy. you know, california, a very democrat -- [laughter] democrat state and a lot of people here are very excited, as you know. senator kamala harris, this is her home state. so a lot of people excited saying history is being made. they are also saying that that they felt like the country needed to go into a different direction. so these people, there are a number, there's several thousand, but there's all kinds of groups out here, you know? they've just been dancing and celebrating for hours now marching throughout downtown l.a. but i want to mention, you know, this is not the only place where these celebrations are going on. around the country other groups of biden supporters turning out to demonstrate, many of these like here in los angeles have turned into celebrations for the
12:25 pm
new president-elect. some trump supporters still turning out, protests have popped up in downtown atlanta, colorado springs and phoenix. but here in california, downtown l.a., as you can see, a lot of people they, you know, they are excited with the way that this election has turned out. they don't believe that there are these massive cases of voter fraud, and they are just excited for the way that things are going, and they say they're very hopeful for the future. [laughter] so incredibly loud. trace: we hear you fine. christina coleman live in downtown los angeles. christina, thank you. sandra: president trump and the trump campaign pushing back as the media, including fox news, called the election for joe biden. fox news media analyst and "mediabuzz" host howard kurtz joining us now to break it all down. as we continue to look at the live pictures of celebrations in
12:26 pm
many cities across the country, your thoughts on this big day. howard: my thoughts, sandra, is that once again it comes down to president trump versus the media. these calls by the networks in projecting that biden will win, they don't have any official status. obviously, the states have to certify the votes, but they have broadcast to the world that biden is the president-elect, and they are the reason these decisions on biden addressing the nation tonight and declaring victory. the president saying we all know why joe biden is rushing to falsely pose as the winner can and why his media allies are trying so hard to help him. they don't want the truth to be exposed. simple fact is this election is far from over, trump casting this as another fake media narrative. sandra: howie, you just wonder as you see the celebrations, we'll hear from joe biden, kamala harris, they're is the set to speak at 8:00 tonight and address the nation. you wonder what the days and weeks look like knowing that the trump campaign making it very
12:27 pm
clear, we've had one of their legal strategists on just a short time ago, they still plan to fight this, the outcome of the election in many of these key states. howard: look, the president has every right to pursue legal challenges as any candidate in a close contest would do, and it was a lot closer than most in the press expected. his message is being undermined by leaks from the white house and campaign, unnamed officials telling "the wall street journal" and other news outlets that they're trying to calm the president down, trying to prepare him for what they see as the likelihood of defeat, and they don't believe these legal challenges have enough evidence of any massive fraud to overturn results in these key states. so i think we'll have the legal battle. we'll all cover it, of course. but at the same time, biden has decided, and we'll see tonight, to act as the president-elect. sandra: so many are already looking back at how the media covered the campaigns, how the pollsters may have gotten it right or not so right in some
12:28 pm
cases, howie, and now we wonder what it looks like to have the media cover a joe biden presidency and how it may be covered by the various networks and newspapers is and how different that may look. howard: well, i think because the former vice president biden gave relatively few interviews, i think the press was pretty soft on him, gave him a pass on a whole lot of things, i think the press will have a responsibility to show that as president they will be tough on him. but clearly, it'll be less tremendous e nettic, you won't have the twitter wars. i don't think he'll be in the news as much, i don't think he wants to talk to reporters five times a day or make news ten times a day. i've covered joe biden for decades, in 1987 my lead was joe biden is trying to talk his way into the white house. he was very verbose. in 2007, his second campaign i bumped into him and said how do you think it's going? he said if i am the right man
12:29 pm
for this time, it will become known. he wasn't, and it didn't, very different this time as biden as the elderrer statesman, i've seen him hug john mccain, that's not a talking point, that's who joe biden is. it may be he doesn't have the leadership skills to deal with the economy and the coronavirus or the things you've been talking about. but at the same time, i think anybody who's covered biden knows that he's kind of a cocktail politician who really likes people. sandra: we shall see. howie kurtz, thank you. the news continues here on the fox the news channel. howe but, by the way, will have a full breakdown tomorrow on "mediabuzz" at 11 a.m. eastern time. we will be watching that. ♪ trace: and breaking news now, this is the president's motorcade. we told you earlier today as former vice president joe biden was being projected as the president-elect, the president was out golfing, right? well, now this is the motorcade
12:30 pm
heading back to the white house. the president, by the way, is back at the white house. this is tape that we just got in. we're playing it for you as we're seeing it for the first time. this appears to be the president going back to the white house. we have not yet heard from the president today. there was some thought that he might come out and speak. with know the president-elect, joe biden, and vice president-elect kamala harris will be speaking tonight, 8 p.m. on the east coast. we have not heard anything about the vice president, our chief white house correspondent john roberts suspects the president will not speak today. he did send out a few treats but -- tweets, but, of course, if new of that changes, sandra, we will bring that to you live. heard nothing from the president. awfully quiet on a very big day for joe biden, but the president has decided, sandra, that he is going to fight this to the very end. sandra: and we watch that motorcade, we'll see him get out in just a moment. the president did tweet about a four hours ago. of course, that was a tweet that
12:31 pm
twitter flagged that the president said i won this election by a lot. he was tweeting four or five hours ago, about the time it would have taken him to golf 18 holes which we know he had been doing, the ap and others snapping some shots of him out at the trump national golf course as all of this news was coming in. it was, trace, the 11:00 eastern time hour where our fox news decision desk was able to call pennsylvania and nevada which ultimately put joe biden over the 270 mark, and that put us into a place to call the election, and now we call him the president-elect joe biden, kamala harris, the vice president-elect. and here's the president. we await further reaction from him. and it's 3:30 on the east coast, trace. we are expecting to hear from joe biden, kamala harris. they have said they will be addressing the nation tonight from wilmington, delaware, at 8 p.m. eastern time tonight. so we will hear from the newly-elected team.
12:32 pm
trace: yeah. and, you know, look, as we watch the motorcade head back to the white house, it's important to note that cleta mitchell who is a gop lawyer, she calm out and said, look, he and his team have every right to go into these states and find out if there have been ballots that have been, you know, fraudulently cast, if there's been any misbehavior, if there's been any ig regularity. they have the right to find that out, and i think that's where the process will go. how long, that's unclear. but she said, look, the media does not make -- by projecting joe biden as the president-elect, does not mean that he is, in fact, the president-elect. so we will have much more on this as we go forward. meantime, people taking to the streets near the white house, reacting to the news that joe biden has been elected. leland vittert is live with the latest on that. leland. leland: hey, trace. we're just north of the white house. the president walks up to the
12:33 pm
second floor residence and looks out over lafayette plaza, this is the crowd he would see. it's sort of a street fair atmosphere out here. people are popping champagne bottles while wearing masks and then drinking out of the same bottle. so make of that what you will given the fact that d.c. is in the middle of a massive covid spike. a lot of people are wearing masks, not necessarily practicing social distancing. take a look around, you can see the big signs up here, you're fired. this is along h street which runs parallel there to the front of the white house. we haven't seen any kind of violence or the anger that we saw back in june here on black lives matter plaza. that might having something to do with the fact that there's a very, very pungent smell of marijuana here in the air. god bless the usa, ymca and sweet caroline, which are all being blasted by some boom boxing that everybody brought here for everybody to sing along to. while there may not be a lot of bipartisan feeling among the
12:34 pm
crowd, perhaps in the music. as you well know, those are some of the very same songs that are often played at president trump's rallies. trace: indeed, they are. leland vittert on the ground in the nation's capital, thank you. sandra: and we continue to watch those crowds gather in the streets. that mar live image -- particular live image is washington. and it may take until next week for north carolina officials to continue counting. -- complete counting. mark meredith has an update on the efforts there. what are we hearing? good afternoon. >> reporter: sandra, good afternoon to you. we've been kind of in a a holding pattern. the results have not really changed that much since tuesday night. the reason, north carolina is giving its 100 counties more time than usual compared to other years to account for any absentee or provisional ballots. the latest numbers that we've seen from the state show a potential for 95,000 outstanding absentee ballots to be out there. now, these are ballots that were sent out prior to the election
12:35 pm
but were not returned prior to election day. of course, they're not expecting all 95,000 to come back, that's just the number they have. there's also some 40,000 provisional ballots that are still out there. last night we we saw officials in mecklenburg county begin sorting through some of the absentee ballots, they were looking for signatures, looking to make sure that the postmark, the date was correct and the ballot was proper. the outcome of all of these ballots is going to impact a lot more than the presidential race. here in north carolina the focus also on the senate which could also impact how really the senate made up going forward. republican thom tillis, the incumbent, remains in the lead here by about 97,000 votes. ing tillis declared himself the winner tuesday night, but his opponent, cal cunningham, has yet to concede. republicans we checked with say they still feel confident that they'll be able to claim victory. >> that's up to the news folks to be able to decide how they call these races, but we are
12:36 pm
very comfortable in knowing we have the counts to deliver for thom tillis and president trump. >> reporter: we've heard from one state lawmaker that he is frustrated that north carolina is taking its time to get these results. people out on the streets saying, come on, north carolina, get it done. we are not likely to see any results until thursday or friday next week. and compared to some of the other cities we've been showing, we are not seen any mass celebrations in charlotte. we've seen about a dozen cars driving by, honks, waving biden flags, but nothing like what you were just showing in washington and new york. sandra and trace? sandra: certainly happening here in new york city, the honking, people hanging i out their windows. mark meredith, thank you for that. trace? trace: thank you. fox news projecting joe biden will one the state of nevada as the trump campaign vows to keep fighting election results. let's bring in nevada attorney general ford. mr. attorney general, thank you so much for joining us. i want to get your take the on
12:37 pm
allegations made on this show just a few minutes ago by republicans saying that in nevada they know that 9,000 votes were cast by people who moved out of nevada and died. your thoughts. moved out or died. your thoughts. >> well, first, let me say congratulations to president-elect biden and vice president-elect harris, and i'm going to say like my parents used to say, god rest his soul, you ain't going to steal my joy today. not every, in fact. to that particular question, they know nothing. in fact, what they're doing is continued hyperbole as they have been doing. they've been in court against us four times, we've defeated them every single time. this list has been debunked as having, for example, military personnel on there who are serving overseas and have the right to vote. i'm not hearing that, that is nonsense. at the end of the day, it's
12:38 pm
exactly that. trace: but there have been a number of news stories in your state saying there have been in previous elections ballots who have been sent out to people who no longer live in clark county and people who are no longer alive. so there is a bit of a precedent. it has happened before according to numerous news agencies in nevada. >> now, i don't come on fox news frequently, but i'm going to be certain to reject improper premises. there is not a history of that in the state. we do not have a history of widespread voter fraud and, by the way, one of the reasons why it's taken so long to count is because we are trying to prevent voter fraud. we have safeguards in place such as unique bar codes and, by the way, again, if someone does commit voter fraud, i prosecute. as i'm already doing based on one that we've seen from last election cycle. trace: where do nevada lawsuits
12:39 pm
stand as we sit here today, sir? >> they've lost them all, including yesterday. my lis to have general's team -- solicitor general's team was able to go in and inform the judge there was no leg to stand on, excuse the pun. but at the end of the day, they've come at us four different times trying to undermine the election, trying to keep people from voted from having their votes counted, and we have defeated them at every single turn. trace: finally, sir, do you welcome -- do you saw, look, bring it on, if you want to come in here and look for votes that may have been, you know, may have had some fraud, may have been inappropriate, that may have had some irregularities, do you welcome that robust legal response from the trump campaign? >> so i'll check my repeat. go back and look at my twitter handle. on election day i said that no result comes until every lawful vote is counted. and so to the extent they want to come in and try to prove a point, they can do that. if they don't have the evidence, as they have not had at all,
12:40 pm
then they will be thrown out of court yet again. trace: nevada attorney general aaron ford, thank you, sir, for your time. >> thank you. sandra: from and washington to wisconsin, live pictures out of madison, wisconsin, a state that helped president-elect joe biden get to that 270 mark. more live election coverage continues after the break. ♪ quickbooks helps me get paid, manage cash flow, and run payroll. and now i'm back on top... with koala kai. save over 30 hours a month with intuit quickbooks. some things are good to know. like where to find the cheapest gas in town and which supermarket gives you the most bang for your buck. something else that's good to know. if you have medicare you may be able to get more benefits without paying more through a medicare advantage plan. call now to request this free guide. learn
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12:44 pm
♪ ♪ sandra: the trump campaign is requesting a recount in wisconsin as biden's leading in that battleground state by a razor-thin margin, but the campaign will not be able to file that petition anytime soon. trace, we've been watching these live pictures, we'll get to wisconsin in just a second, but this is chicago as we look at some of these cities in the midwest. is celebrating. -- chicago is celebrating. interesting, that is the trump building in the background right
12:45 pm
on the chicago river. folks have been gathering since about the 11:00 hour because that is when our election desk ultimately called the races in wisconsin and pennsylvania and slowly throughout the day you saw various outlets, the ap and others, call the presidency for joe biden. he is now the president-elect of the united states. kamala harris, the vice president-elect of the united states. and there are celebrations happening in some of these cities across the country at this hour. trace: a live picture of your hometown, sandra, chicago. we've seen the same thing happen in new york city, atlanta, los angeles. i've heard people saying when is the president going to come out and speak. there's some ang sue ety, there are some -- anxiety, there are some people wondering what's coming next, and i think they're wanting to hear the president say he's planning to fight on. it's unclear, according to john
12:46 pm
roberts, if the president will speak today. the assumption seems to be that he may not, and i think there's, as we see these biden rallies and celebrations across the country, there is somewhat of an appetite to hear more from the other side what is the plan going forward, sandra. sandra: and in declaring victory, biden said he's honored and humbled to be elected president. the president has said they plan to fight this in course. matt finn is live in wisconsin with more. matt, what are you seeing and hearing there? >> reporter: thousands of people on the streets cheering and celebrating. there's been a steady stream of cars driving by now honking their horn and beeping, a lot of people on foot as you can see as well, dancing and shouting. people also holding signs saying voters decide, there's chants against the president and black lives matter flags popping up. and on the opposite side of the capitol building, there was a dueling rally in favor of the
12:47 pm
president. hundreds gathered waving trump 2020 flags. here in wisconsin the trump campaign tells fox news it has filed a lawsuit and will request a recount because the president's current vote total within that 1% of biden. however, the trump team cannot formally request the recount until all of wisconsin's 72 counties certify their own voting numbers which could talk until november 17th. there were allegations of fraud in milwaukee, wisconsin. here the administrator of the election commission responding to some of those and then a senior legal adviser to the president. >> wisconsin does not have more votes cast than registered voters. there were no absentee ballots found in the middle of the night. there were lawyers and observers from both parties on site and involved the entire time. >> the president's message, the president's commitment is for a free and fair election and that every legal vote is counted.
12:48 pm
>> reporter: the former governor of wisconsin, scott walker, has advised the president to seek the recount here in wisconsin because the president is down by about 20,000 total votes here in this state. sandra, trace? sandra: okay. matt finn on the ground in madison for us. matt, thank you. trace? trace: joining us now is democratic delaware senator chris coons. senator, always good to see you, sir. i'd like your thoughts in the fact that we could be in the midst of a weeks-long robust legal battle being waged by the trump campaign. >> well, frays, frankly, i think this is -- trace, frankly, i think this is a day to celebrate the fact that the commitment to having every vote counted and to only moving forward when the election's been called has led to this moment where joe biden and kamala harris have been declared the president-elect and the vice president-elect. here on the riverfront in wilmington in just a few hours, we will hear from biden, and i expect if him a message of unity
12:49 pm
and trying to come together after this challenging and divisive campaign. joe biden is someone who has been committed to waiting patiently until the outcome is called, and it's not candidates who get to call this. but i think we now have an opportunity to turn the corner and to move forward with the transition to a new president. trace: and the legal battle, sir? >> look, in the end it is certainly president trump's right to seek legal redress if he's got any claims. they've filed many cases of, several of which have already been thrown out, a few of which have already been settled. i have not seen legal claim presented by the campaign that strike me as compelling or in any way being able to change the outcome of the election. but what matters is that every vote is count, counted legally and fairly, and in the end the voters have spoken. and i believe joe biden will be the next president of the united
12:50 pm
states. trace: i want to play this sound bite from senate minority leader chuck schumer and get your response on the other side. watch. >> donald trump so limits our democracy, so tried to destroy our democracy. but as the election showed, the american people never lost faith, and now donald trump, go home to florida. taste trace still taking a few swipes at the president as he also congratulates joe biden on the other side. your thoughts on that. >> well, from the day he announced his candidacy, joe biden is someone who has focused on the importance of bringing our country together, as you know. he said just a few days ago that while he has run as a democrat for president, he intends to govern, to lead as an american president. we need more of that. we need folks in national leadership who work across the aisle, who find ways to solve our problems. i don't know what the constituents of other senators
12:51 pm
are saying to them, but here in delaware what i hear every day is work across the aisle, deliver relief from this pandemic and recession -- trace: sure. >> -- and find a way to move forward. joe biden was rooted in these delaware politics, and i'm hopeful about his future leadership as our next president. trace: and, look, there's this feeling that joe biden has a very good working relationship with mitch mcconnell. it looks, it appears that republicans will hold the senate and that joe biden has a good working relationship with mitch mcconnell and you, saying now you encourage that relationship to go forward. >> that's right. look, the framers of our constitution established a structure where without compromise, we can't get anything done. without seeing the different views and positions of people from other parts of the country, from other backgrounds, from other parties, we can't make progress. that's what democracy's about. 70 million americans roughly have voted for donald trump, 75 million americans have roughly
12:52 pm
voted for joe biden. that means there's still significant division in our country that we need to address, and my hope is that mitch mcconnell, whether he is the minority leader or the majority leader after four more senate races are resolved, will be able to work with joe biden as the next president of the united states. trace: sir, i know you're not a fan of the president, but you just said 70 million votes, you know, the most votes in the history of the country go to joe biden. the second most votes in the history of our country go to donald trump. and you look at how the republican party fared in there, they will maintain control, it appears, in the senate, took up seats in the house. did well with hispanics, much better than expected, did well seemingly with seniors amidst the coronavirus pandemic. so the republican party, some say, is very well positioned to move forward going into 2022 and 2024. your thoughts on where all this stands. >> so in the decade that i've
12:53 pm
spent so far in the senate, one of the most depressing features of the postelection period almost every congress that the fighting begins for the next election almost immediately. all i know, trace, is that there are millions of people watching, hoping that what they will hear from republicans and democrats after this hard-fought and hard-won election is that we'll focus on them. that instead of continuing to fight and looking ahead to 2022, we'll look at them and the ways in which millions of americans are late on their rent or mortgage, their small business is struggling, their family members have been sickened or they've been laid off. there's a lot of suffering in our country, and if we work together, we can address it. about six months ago the senate unanimously passed the biggest relief package in modern history, the cares act. we know how to do this if we want to. i believe the american people want us to work together. trace: do you believe it'll happen, a coronavirus bill,
12:54 pm
another one? [laughter] >> you know, i couldn't get on the train from wilmington and go to washington every week if i didn't have hope. sometimes that's the triumph of hope over experience. but after all, that's what faith is for. one of the things i most admire about joe biden is his optimism. he's had some tragedies in his life. he's overcome great and significant challenges in his personal life and the losses he's suffered. yet he remains optimistic. he believes in us. he believes in our country. and i think if you listen to republicans and democrats who served in the senate with joe biden, part of why they like him, they connect with him is his simple decency, his civility and his willing areness to treat people -- willingness to treat people for who they are. of so i'm hopeful about this next chapter in our nation's hues erie. trace: senator coons, we appreciate your thoughts. thank you. >> thank you, trace. sandra: an historic moment, indeed, that we're all living through here, trace. joe biden is set to become the 46th president of the united
12:55 pm
states. 77 years old. after decades in congress, and kamala harris becomes the first woman, the first woman of color to helm the vice presidency. celebrations are happening in streets and cities across the nation right now, a live look there in philadelphia where, as senator chris coons, joe biden and his administration will have a big job to do as we are still living through the middle of a pandemic, as the ap put it moments ago, the pandemic will soon be biden's to tame as he campaigned, pledging a big government response to it. and as coons also mentioned, you've still got millions unemploy lded as a result of that pandemic. there will be a big challenge ahead for a biden presidency to continue to bring us out of that and recover, this hard-hit u.s. economy as a result of the coronavirus. and there's washington, a live look at the celebrations continuing, trace. trace: and it's amazing because, you know, sandra, joe biden large lu campaigned on the fact that, you know, president trump did not do a good job op on
12:56 pm
coronavirus, and now you have in the last, you know, several days and weeks you have the biden campaign acknowledging, you know what? it's going to be a battle. and they're not quite sure how to getting a handle on coronavirus, what to do. they're going to try a few things, but the truth is the answer has been somewhat elusive as cases continue to rise every day. look, that's going to be the biggest thing, first and foremost, on their plate. sandra: trace, great to be with you for this special coverage on this saturday afternoon. that is it for us. we'll see you tomorrow live from "america's newsroom," i should say monday morning. [laughter] the coverage continues with bill himmer and dana perino. trace: thanks for watching. ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete,
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balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo-hoo! great tasting ensure with 9 grams of protein, 27 vitamins and minerals, and nutrients to support immune health.
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>> fox news predicts joe biden will become america's next president i'm dana perino. >> been a long road welcome to special coverage of the 2020 election. ♪ >> 4:00 here in new york and 1:00 in west coast people elected joe biden 46th president of the united states and supportsers celebrating in american cities across country the campaign says that former vice president was


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